What Are WWE Chairs Made Of? It May Surprise You

We’ve all seen WWE wrestlers using “steel” chairs to beat their opponents to near-death. But if somebody got hit on the head with an actual steel chair, they’d suffer a traumatic brain injury. So, what are WWE chairs made of?

What Are WWE Chairs Made Of?

WWE chairs are mostly made of aluminum. According to a report on the metallurgical analysis of the chairs, “The folding chairs described by WWE as ‘steel’ are primarily made of 92% aluminum, 6% tin, and 1% copper, with residual amounts of steel and tungsten.”

But getting hit with a chair made of any metal must hurt, right? Read on because I’ll explain that as well as how WWE wrestlers break tables, whether the blood is real, and how they avoid getting bruises.

How Do WWE Wrestlers Not Get Hurt From Chairs?

WWE wrestlers don’t get hurt from chairs because they’re made of thin, hollow aluminum. Also, the chairs usually don’t have rivets. They bend and break when used to hit a wrestler. But getting hit by a WWE chair can still hurt, just not as badly as it seems to on TV.

Someone slamming anything against your back hurts, especially if it’s a chair. But thankfully, the chairs described by WWE as steel chairs aren’t exactly what they’re made out to be.

The chairs look super dramatic, but they’re pretty lightweight because of the aluminum. Aluminum is soft and weak.

Moreover, the chairs are hollow, so only a few pounds of metal fly towards the wrestler on the ground. And the wrestler using the chair won’t swing it as hard as possible.

Instead, they just make it look like it hit hard. The sound that the chair makes amplifies this dramatic effect. The hollow space in the chair is like a sound chamber that makes everything much louder.

The chairs are so soft that they bend when a wrestler gets hit on the head or other body part. Of course, they won’t use steel chairs because they’re extremely dangerous and could get a wrestler killed or paralyzed.

Nonetheless, getting hit by a WWE chair isn’t exactly a walk in the park. WWE wrestlers are committed professionals who’re used to a lot of pain. They do all of this to create a fun and entertaining show.

Here’s a YouTube video of wrestlers using steel chair attacks:

How Do WWE Wrestlers Break Tables?

WWE wrestlers break tables by aiming for the center of the table, which is the weakest point. Moreover, the tables consist of thin and hollow plywood that can be broken without too much force.

Just like the chairs aren’t steel, the tables are not solid wood tables. I’d even go as far as to argue that landing on a table or two hurts less than landing on a mat.

The wrestler’s body transfers the bulk of the impact to the table evenly. The table snaps in half, or the table legs collapse, and the wrestler lands safely.

It’s effortless for the flying wrestler to break the table or table legs with his bodyweight. The WWE table is so fragile that it’s easier to break it than land softly and not break it.

The plywood used for the table is very easy to snap in two. Just think of the little kids in karate snapping a “thick” plywood board in half with a punch or kick.

Watch this YouTube video about kids kicking boards:

Now compare that to a 260 pound (117.93 kg) wrestler landing on a plywood table. Of course, it’s going to snap like a twig.

Is the Blood in WWE Real?

The blood in WWE is usually real, but fake blood has also been used in the past. Vince McMahon banned both real and fake blood in 2008. Before 2008, blading—intentionally cutting or scratching the skin to draw blood—and fake blood were used to create a dramatic effect and sell more tickets.

It makes a lot of sense that WWE went PG. I remember watching WWE at that time as a kid. And honestly, I was afraid of seeing blood. I believe that many other fans were relieved that blood was no longer the norm.

But real bleeding happens from time to time. After all, the ring is full of sharp objects that can make a small wound or cut. The chairs, turnbuckles, tables, and stairs are all relatively sharp and can cause bleeding.

But blood is not hygienic, and that’s one of the main reasons why they banned it.

Before the PG Era, fake blood was a popular way to sell more tickets and create drama. Here’s a YouTube video by Wrestlelamia showcasing ten instances where wrestlers used fake blood:

How Do Wrestlers Not Get Bruises?

Wrestlers don’t get bruises because the fighting isn’t real. The wrestlers don’t punch hard. Bruises typically happen when an impact breaks blood vessels in a smaller area. So, It’s uncommon for slams and throws to cause bruises.

WWE wrestlers are professional entertainers rather than fighters. They practice throwing fake punches. They “hit” with an open fist and with little force, which can’t cause bruises.

When it comes to real slams, they won’t cause bruising if the wrestler lands correctly. The force is distributed equally, and the blood vessels can’t break from an impact like that.

Also, bruises are easier to see on pale people. That’s why fighters like Sheamus have visible bruising after a match.

Sometimes, they use makeup and spray tan to cover up bruises if the wrestlers have multiple matches within a few days. It’s all about looking good on stage and TV, and bruises aren’t the most appealing thing to have on you.

WWE is fun to watch, but the fighting isn’t real. That’s why the wrestlers don’t get bruises and use fake blood for dramatic effect.

But there are times when the wrestlers got cut, and the blood was real. However, it’s unhygienic and dangerous, so wrestlers avoid it.

The chairs and tables are made of soft materials like aluminum and plywood. Also, they’re hollow and break easily. They’re great for dramatic effect, but getting hit by one doesn’t hurt much.

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