Muay Thai Shorts Buyers Guide

Unlike with other Muay Thai gear your choice of shorts really depends on what design and material you like the best, but stick to a classic fabric like satin or satin-blend with high-quality stitching. There are many companies to choose from that produce Thai shorts such as Yokkao, Fairtex, Twins Special, etc.

However, over considering the various different Muay Thai shorts I’ve decided to recommend the Fairtex traditional Muay Thai shorts(amazon link) They are made in Thailand of 100% polyester satin and come in 32 gorgeous designs with different colors. You can’t go wrong with Fairtex and every product including the shorts oozes quality.

The problem with buying cheaper shorts is the material will not last compared to shorts made of more premium material. However, unlike all other Muay Thai gear your shorts choice is just about comfort and looking cool!

Different Types Of Muay Thai Shorts

It can be difficult to choose which type of Muay Thai shorts you want. but here I try to explain the different types of Muay Thai shorts you can get.

  • Traditional Shorts. These shorts have a lot of leg space and are longer than the more modern short shorts. Wear these if you like the 90s style or your have super large legs so your chunky legs have all the space they need.
  • Retro Cut Shorts. Popularised by Yokkao, this cut has become standard. They allow you to show of dem quads and will typically look more modern than the traditional shorts and they won’t have patterns on them.
  • Narrow Cut. Usually the same length as traditional shorts but the leg width is reduced, these are not ideal if you have chunky legs as they won’t fit that fell. These are ideal for people who are looking for that old school feeling but have skinnier legs.
  • Modern Cut Shorts. Most popular with women as they prefer more tight fitting clothing, the biggest change between the other cuts is the cut to the side is more rounded to give you more space to move around in.
  • Avoid shorts that don’t have a slit on the side. These shorts will reduce your range of motion when kicking, who wants that?

Best Material For Muay Thai Shorts

  • Nylon. Nylon is both the cheapest and lighted material used for Thai shorts. The issue is when the material gets wet they become see-through making them a bad option for girls, and the colors don’t pop as much as satin material used for flashy short designs.
  • Satin. Traditionally this is the material used for most Thai shorts, satin can come in a wide variety of colors and the designs vary a lot. It is also comfortable to wear and train in. However like with Nylon when the sorts get wet they get see-through especially if you’re wearing white!
  • Sublimination Satin Print. Unlike normal Muay Thai that have sewn-on patches and images, sublimation images are printed on the material. They are lighter than Satin shorts because of the production method, and don’t train too much water from your sweat but will become see-through if they get super yet; which is why they are made from harder colors.

Recommend Products

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