Muay Thai Shinpads Buyers Guide

There are many important factors to consider when purchasing a pair of Muay Thai shinguards, so before you go mad and buy the most expensive gloves think about the purchase and what are your goals in Muay Thai and how serious you are taking the sport.

After considering many different types of shin guards I’ve decided to recommend the Top King Genuine Leather Shinguards(Link to the best price on Amazon here). It’s the perfect price balance of price and affordability. It is made with genuine leather and whilst no shinguard is perfect this is as close as you can get.

The most important thing you should remember from this article is not to spend money on shin guards My shin guards were from RDX and whilst the protection is good they always clip off and it’s very annoying when sparring.

If I only spent around double I could have the Top King shinguards that will last a long time and offer way better protection and comfort, just bare that in mind with your purchase.

Why I chose The Top King Genuine Leather Shinguards

You will always see these shinguards come up top in Muay Thai gears reviews. They offer excellent leg coverage that covers the shins properly, giving you added protection in sparring.

Unlike other brands, they offer a hook and strap system that stops the shin pad from moving when you kick. something other shin guards lack.

The gorgeous look makes them look better, fit better and they are more mobile than other chunkier shin guards, although this does mean they offer less protection than say the Fairtex competition shin guards.

No shin guards are perfect as they have to comprise between protection, mobility, and comfort, but Top King manages to strike their ideal balance. Buy these Shinpads. you will not regret it.

What To Look For With Muay Thai Shinpads

Whilst no shin pads are perfect, its important to find the right balance between protection, balance, and sizing.

  • Sizing and fitting. Shin guards come in the standard sizes, small/medium, etc so the taller you are or how big you’re calves change what size you should get. It’s like Goldilocks when your shinpads are too big they move too much during sparring. When their too small they don’t offer maximum protection, You need to find the balance between protection and comfort.
  • Protection & Mobility. The bulkier the shin pads the better protection, as they cover more of your legs. The problem is this slows your movement down. But the smaller the shinpads are the better mobility but also the less protection you have in sparring. This also works the other way when you kick your opponent.
  • Real Leather Vs Synthetic Leather. Like gloves, genuine leather is preferred as it usually lasts long but high-quality synthetic leather has caught up in recent years. They also have flashy designs and more color options to choose from
  • Muay Thai Shin Guards Vs MMA Grappling Shin Guards. MMA shin guards are not as bulky as Muay Thai shin guards as you grapple in MMA. They also don’t offer the protection Muay Thai shinguards do.

Muay Thai Shinpads Sizing Chart

Now the fit of Shinpad does vary brand to brand, a large Fairtex shin guard will be different than a large Venom shin guard

Ideally, you should try your shin guards in-store, but if not this is a general sizing table so you can get an idea of what to buy.

S4.9”-5′-6110-143 Lbs150-170 cm50-65 Kg
M5’6”-5’9”143-176 Lbs170-180 cm65-80 Kg
L+5’9”176-198 Lbs+ 180 cm80-90 Kg
XL+5’9”+198 Lbs+ 180 cm+ 90 Kg
Muay Thai Shin Pads Sizing Chart

Top Muay Thai Shinpads Brands To Consider

  • Fairtex. The Fairtex Competition Shinpads(best price on Amazon here) get my recommendation, as Fairtex gloves are all made with genuine leather and are the most popular Muay Thai brand outside of Thailand
  • Yokkao. This brand only started in 2010 but has made crazy improvements in design and quality, and are the most stylish shinpads you can buy
  • Twins. Twins are the most popular Muay Thai brand in Thailand, and they offer excellent support and mobility, they are ideal for any beginner to Muay Thai.
  • King. King is common in Thailand and is owned by the brother who owns Twins. King shin pads look cool and have excellent cowhide leather craftsmanship.
  • Windy. Windy has been around since 1951 and prides itself on simple simplicity and genuine leather with excellent workmanship
  • Hayabusa. Now, these are a little more expensive but Hayabusa prides itself on constant innovation in their products like moisture-absorbent fabrics.

Why Your Shin Guards Feel Awkward

  1. Wrong Sizing. The most likely reason is your shin guards are too big, whilst you can use other things to make them tighter I would recommend just buying one size down
  2. You are putting them on wrong. Either you’re not supporting your foot properly with the strap, or you’re putting the left shin guard on the right foot or vice versa. Make sure you’re putting them on correctly.
  3. Poor shackle design. Some brands will have way better velcro than others if you find this is a problem then consider another brand.

Recommend Products

Top King Shin Guards(Best Overall Shinpads)

Fairtex Competition Muay Thai Shin Guards(Best Protective Shinpads)