Muay Thai Belly Pads Buyers Guide

There are many important factors to consider when purchasing a belly pad rope for Thai Boxing/ MMA or Boxing. Do you want the maximum protection possible? Or is maneuvrability more important for you?

So before you go mad and buy the most expensive belly pad think about the purchase and what are your goals in Muay Thai and who you are currently training?

After considering many different types of belly pads I’ve decided to recommend the Fairtex Belly Pad for the ideal Muay Thai belly pad. Fairtex products strike the best balance between functionality and looks, and his pad is built to last and also can be used for every martial art.

One thing to remember from this article not to spend money on cheap belly pads, as think in the long term how much use do you want from these pads, and if you buy cheap do you REALLY want to feel all those punches knees & kicks?

If you want something more budget the Combat Sports Belly Pad is a good choice and the company makes the best mid-range gear you can get. However, it’s only around $30 cheaper than the Fairtex so is buying that cheap really worth it when the Fairtex Belly Pad will last you years?

I don’t think so.

Why Should I Buy A Thai Belly Pad?

If you want your pad holding sessions to truly be effective and simulate a real fight, you simply need a belly pad. If you can don’t wear one, you will feel all the power from every strike thrown at you which is never fun! The focus should be on improving your student, not getting hurt by them!

Without a belly pad your student won’t be able to teep or knee properly or throw body combinations, whilst you can teep/knee Thai pads it just doesn’t feel the same.

If you train in Thailand you will always see trainers wearing belly pads, showcasing it is an essential piece of training equipment, you will not be able to train your student properly without it.

What To Look For Belly Pads

A belly pad must offer good protection against strikes otherwise it is pointless. The cheaper material your Belly pad is made from, the more you will feel your students strikes.

  • Velcro VS Buckle Strap. Velcro is easy to take on an off but the issue if this velcro will fade over time, with buckles taking a lot longer to take on and off but they will not wear out over time.
  • Quality of Materials. Buying real leather from Thai brands like Fairtex/Twins will cost more money but will feel better and protect you more from strikes. Anything from $60-$110 is what you will buy but I think especially for Belly Pads there is more value in paying higher.
  • Where Is The Belly Pad most protected? Belly pads protection will be focused on specific areas that are designed to get hit. The middle has the most protection, and designed to take straight punches knees and teeps. The other areas are the last and right circles designed to be hit with a body hook or side knee.
  • Pad Design. The more chunky the pads the better protection, but this decreases the pad holders’ mobility. No belly pad will absorb 100% of a strike but they are designed to protect the pad holders’ vital areas like your ribs and solar plexus.

Recommend Products

Fairtex Belly Pad(Best Overall Belly Pad)(Amazon Link)

Combat Sports Belly Pad(Best Budget/MMA Belly Pad)(Amazon Link)