Where To Learn How To Wrestle? How To Find The Right Place

Wrestling is a prevalent combat sport and an integral part of MMA. Thus, it’s one of the most in-demand skills in the combating sports world, prompting some to ask: where can someone learn how to wrestle?

Where To Learn How To Wrestle?

You can learn how to wrestle in places where a wrestling team or club is available. If you’re a student, your school may have a wrestling program you can enroll in or a P.E. course you could take. Alternatively, you could learn to wrestle at home if you have a partner to practice with.

This article will detail the best ways you can learn wrestling and answer other important questions about learning the sport. You will find out how long it takes for someone to learn wrestling, how hard learning it is, and if it’s ever too late for someone to start practicing. 

3 Best Places To Learn Wrestling

If you’re interested in learning wrestling, fortunately, there are 3 ways to do it. If you’re a student, you can always join your school’s wrestling club. Your school may likely offer one. Another option is to find a local wrestling club in your area. If you’re not ready to join a wrestling club yet, you can always start at home first.

Learn To Wrestle at Your School

This is by far the best way to learn the sport. You will have a great support system from the coaching staff to your teammates who will push you to become the best wrestler you can be if you allow it. You will have the opportunities to participate in competitions and gain real experience with the sport if you start at school.

However, many people cannot join a school team either because they’re out of school or their school doesn’t have a wrestling team. In many colleges and even some high schools, spots for the wrestling team are limited and reserved for students who already have experience. 

Learn To Wrestle at a Local Wrestling Club 

This is the next best thing. You will have a similar experience as with a school team, except for competitions. Most wrestling clubs, however, can help you enter competitions if you wish to do so. Besides, you will get to meet new people along the way, which is part of the fun of learning martial arts. 

Learn Wrestling at Home

If you want to wrestle just for fun, you can find a practice partner and learn at home. If your partner isn’t a trainer, use online resources to learn various exercises and techniques. Keep in mind that wrestling at home against the same partner over and over again will only get you so far.

It’s important to be extra careful when learning wrestling at home. Do not attempt dangerous stunts you see on TV or the internet.

There are many fun wrestling techniques to learn on YouTube, so if you like the sport and want to get more involved with it, the next step is to join a wrestling school.

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Wrestle?

An average person can learn how to wrestle in as quickly as 3 months with intense dedication. That being said, how long it takes to become a good wrestler can be much longer, usually between 1 and 3 years for most people if they are dedicated enough. 

Not everyone will progress at the same pace. Like with most things in life, natural talent can certainly help someone progress quicker. Athleticism is also a significant factor in wrestling, so athletically gifted wrestlers will have a much easier time, especially against other novices.

Here are some other vital factors that will help you progress quicker:

  • Consistency: Like most things in life, being consistent with your wrestling practice will go a long way. To achieve excellent results in a short time, you should practice no less than 4 times per week at around 2 hours per session.
  • Staying fit: Going to the gym and doing cardio are critical parts of a wrestler’s life. If you do your best to keep as fit as possible, you will find that the practice sessions will become a lot easier, and you will make progress more quickly.
  • Mental fortitude: Being mentally tough will help you endure the countless hours of grueling practice and pain associated with wrestling, which is crucial for improving quickly.  

Is Wrestling Easy To Learn?

Wrestling is not easy, but rather, a challenging sport to learn. Wrestling moves and techniques can be complex and may take years of practice to master. It requires a tremendous amount of dedication, patience, and perseverance to cope with the required actions needed to become a good wrestler.

On top of that, wrestling also requires:

  • Physical strength: wrestlers spend hours at the gym each week building up their power to handle more vigorous opponents and practices.
  • Cardio: good cardiovascular health is crucial for enduring the often intense wrestling practices. 
  • Dieting: wrestlers need to have a low body fat percentage to put on more muscle without competing in higher-weight divisions.

With that said, almost all combat sports are complex and hard to learn, and many people consider Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA much harder to master than wrestling.

Is It Too Late To Learn To Wrestle as an Adult?

It’s not too late to learn to wrestle as an adult, and, in fact, it’s very common for people to discover a passion for wrestling in adulthood. However, it eventually becomes impossible to handle how physically demanding and exhausting wrestling is once someone reaches a certain age.

It’s important for older novice wrestlers to be realistic about their goals. 

For instance, most people who start wrestling later in life will never have much success competitively. If competing interests you, keep in mind that successful career wrestlers and Olympic winners all usually start getting into the sport at a very young age. By the time they are old enough to compete, they become very proficient wrestlers.

Adults won’t be able to make up for over ten years of dedicated practice and experience.

Wrestling is best learned in a team. It takes a great deal of dedication and sacrifice for someone to become good at wrestling. The average person takes at least 3 months to learn the sport and up to 3 years to master it truly.

Consistency, staying fit, and being mentally tough are essential qualities when first taking up wrestling. As long as they can handle the physicality of the sport, people of all ages can learn how to wrestle.

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