Is Wrestling a Sport?

Wrestling is considered the oldest recreational combat on earth, with history suggesting it dates back as far as 15,000 years ago. Because of its longevity and popularity, many people wonder if wrestling is classified as a sport. 

Is Wrestling a Sport? 

Wrestling is a sport as it is an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess. This sport is also a form of martial arts, which requires discipline and the necessary skills to execute moves correctly. The sport is difficult and can be dangerous to both the wrestler and their opponent.

This article will discuss the different aspects of wrestling and what makes it a sport.

What Makes Wrestling a Sport?

Wrestling is a sport because it involves training, discipline, athleticism, and combat skills. It also has a respected history that makes it more than just a fun activity and qualifies it as a sport.  

Many factors allow us to categorize wrestling as a sport. For example, wrestling requires a certain level of athleticism to be able to compete. Without proper training and cardio, it would not be easy to last even a few minutes in a match.

Like other sports, wrestling requires discipline and skill. Competing in matches can get you hurt if you don’t know what you’re doing. Without the skill needed to execute moves properly, there is a good chance you can injure your opponent as well. 

Practice makes perfect in wrestling, and that’s another factor that makes it a sport. It is vital to practice different moves, but wrestlers also need to practice with other people.

Wrestlers need to hone their craft and train their bodies to take hits without getting injured. So much training is required to become a wrestler that there is no doubt it is a sport. 

Wrestling has such a deep and respected history in ancient Greece, and it is hard to deny that it qualifies as a sport. From then to now, we have changed many aspects and shaped what wrestling is. However, there is no fundamental change to the idea that wrestling is a combat sport. 

Is Wrestling a Hard Sport?

Overall, wrestling is a hard sport because it requires extensive training. To succeed, wrestlers need to learn new techniques, build muscle, and regularly practice cardio, so they have enough strength to compete in matches. 

Beyond working out, wrestlers need to consider their diet. The body needs the proper fuel to be able to train and work as consistently as wrestlers do. Sustaining a sufficient and healthy diet is not easy, but it is just another aspect that makes wrestling difficult. 

Furthermore, most wrestlers are also required to maintain a specific weight so they’re able to compete at the right level. This can be challenging as the wrestler trains, builds muscle mass, or takes rest days, since body weight can fluctuate during those periods. 

Arguably, the most difficult part of wrestling is the mental challenge. Wrestlers always have to be ready for whatever their opponent brings. If a wrestler is not completely in sync with their opponent, someone can get hurt.

All wrestlers must not forget the mental challenge of wrestling because it is vital to their success.

Is Wrestling in the Olympics?

Wrestling is in the Olympics, and it has been since 1896. There was only one event held, but that one Olympic event paved the way for the future inclusion of wrestling throughout the competition.

Today, there are several wrestling events in the Olympics that are popular among athletes and spectators, including Greco-Roman wrestling, which refers to the specific style of wrestling and the techniques used. 

Both men and women are allowed to compete in the Olympic wrestling events. 

Is Wrestling a Team Sport?

Wrestling can both be a team sport and a solo sport. The sport is done individually and focuses on the athleticism and talent of one person at a time. However, wrestling requires the support of a team because it is nearly impossible to practice wrestling alone.

So, your teammates are there for you physically and mentally to help you better yourself.

As a wrestler, you succeed individually to be victorious, not only for yourself but also for your team. Without each wrestler’s success, the team can’t win. So, overall, wrestling is a team sport.

Is WWE Considered a Sport?

While wrestling is a sport, WWE does not get that same label because of the entertainment aspect. WWE is filled with athletes ready to compete, but since there’s a scripted ending of every match, the sports label is removed. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon once called WWE “sports entertainment.”

The term ‘sports entertainment’ implies that WWE is not a sport and allows it to become its own category.

Pro wrestling has become a popular source of entertainment, but over the years, many have debated the idea that it is a sport. So, upon coining the term sports entertainment, McMahon allowed pro wrestling to separate itself from other sports by addressing the entertainment aspect of it. 

Many people even use the word ‘fake’ to describe it. This may be harsh considering that even though there is a scripted ending, WWE wrestlers still put their bodies on the line every time they get in a ring. 

So, WWE is not officially considered a sport, but that does not stop it from being a popular source of sports entertainment all over the world. WWE is filled with strong and skillful athletes who take care of their bodies and minds to put on a show for the fans. Sport or not, WWE is a very successful athletic business.

Though many people have debated the individual aspects of wrestling, it is definitely a sport. Not only is wrestling featured in the Olympics, but it also has a deep history in the world as the first known combat sport. 

While we can debate whether WWE is a sport or if wrestling is a team sport, one thing can’t be debated. Wrestling itself continues to be a popular sport for athletes and spectators. 

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