Is Karate Hard? What You Need To Know

Karate is one of the most popular combat sports in the entire world with over 100 million people who practice the martial art. With so many new people training karate every year, I decided to discuss some of the difficulties of training karate as well as tips for those just starting.

Is Karate Hard?

5 things can make karate hard and they are: the discipline required, the injuries that can occur, having a sensei who is tough on students, understanding it is more than just fighting, and lastly the belt system that ranks you.

1) The Discipline Required

The discipline required to do karate is one of the hard things about training in this martial art. You have to be dedicated and willing to work very hard because it will not come easy at first.

For you to get better, you need a lot of practice which can take up a good portion of your weekdays and weekends.

In addition to discipline, you also need a lot of patience. This is because it can take years to truly master all of the techniques and become a karate master. With enough hard work and dedication, however, anything is possible.

2) The Injuries That Can Occur

Karate is a very physical combat sport and you will be using your body in ways that it has probably never been used before.

This can lead to injuries no matter how good of shape you are in or what level of karate black belt you have achieved. Even if you’re ready for the pain, it doesn’t mean that injury won’t happen!

One way to help prevent injuries while doing karate is by warming up properly before every class and cooling down properly after each session as well.

Stretching is very important as well and you will soon see, if you haven’t already, how important it is to stretch before and after every training session.

It’s also important to get proper rest between classes so that your muscles don’t become sore which could lead to an injury later on during training.

Finally, make sure not to push yourself too hard because this could result in extreme exhaustion which could also lead to an injury. Always listen to your body and if something doesn’t feel right, stop what you’re doing and consult a doctor.

3) Having A Sensei Who Is Tough On Students

Another thing that can make karate hard is having a sensei who is tough on students. This can be discouraging for some people and may lead to them quitting before they ever really get started.

A good sensei will push you to your limits but will also be there to support you when you need it.

If you find yourself struggling with a sensei who is too tough, try talking to them about it. Oftentimes, they don’t realize that they are coming across as being too harsh and would be more than happy to adjust their training style.

If this doesn’t work, or if the situation becomes too uncomfortable, then it might be time to seek out another dojo where the atmosphere better suits your needs.

4) Understanding It Is More Than Just Fighting

One of the things that can make karate hard is the fact that it is not just about fighting. There is a lot more to this martial art than meets the eye and it takes time to learn all of it.

To be successful in karate, you need to understand all of the aspects involved such as self-defense, physical conditioning, and mental discipline.

Many people are attracted to karate because they think it is only about fighting and learning how to physically defend themselves. While this is certainly a part of karate, there is so much more that goes into it.

Be prepared for a long journey if you decide to start training in this martial art.

5) The Belt System

The belt system is one of the first things that can make karate hard. When you are a beginner, you have to earn each belt through dedication and hard work.

This can be difficult for some people who are not used to having to work hard for something. The belt system is also one of the things that makes karate unique and special.

One of the best ways to make sure you don’t quit when the going gets tough is by remembering why you started in the first place. Maybe it was because your friend does it or because you saw a cool fight scene on TV.

Whatever your reason, remember it and keep it close to your heart. When times get tough – and they will – think back to that moment and use it as motivation to push through.

And from personal experience, I can assure you that pushing through these hard times and overcoming your obstacles is an extremely rewarding experience.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Karate?

It will take you between 6 months and 1 year of regularly training 3 times per week to learn the basics of karate. A person who trains and practices more will learn the basics much sooner. Also, any experience in other martial arts will make it easier for you to learn karate.

As with any martial art, consistency is key. If you are serious about learning karate then you can’t go weeks or months without training.

Everybody will have to take a week off for one reason or another at some point, but going several weeks or months without training could be detrimental to your mastery of karate.

And lastly, make sure that you visit and train at several different dojos before you commit to one. You want to make sure that you feel comfortable with your sensei and the dojo as a whole.

It would be horrible committing to a dojo where you don’t like the teacher and where the other people you train with are annoying. Be wise in choosing your dojo as this will make your training much more enjoyable.

Karate can be difficult to master, but if you have the patience and the discipline to stick with it, the results can be truly rewarding.

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