How Often Do MMA Fighters and Boxers Lose Their Teeth?

MMA is a high-impact combat sport that can get messy, especially in high-stake matches. The drops of blood in the octagon, coupled with the sight of a badly messed face or even a fractured nose, often lead to the question- how often do MMA fighters and boxers lose their teeth? 

How Often Do MMA Fighters and Boxers Lose Their Teeth?

MMA fighters and boxers rarely lose their teeth. This is because pro fighters are often required to wear mouthguards to protect their teeth and inner jaws from the impact of punches, jabs, elbows, and kicks. However, low-quality mouthguards can lead to loss of teeth. 

This article will discuss some of the dental risks associated with MMA and boxing and the safety measures taken to prevent loss of teeth during matches. 

How Do MMA Fighters and Boxers Protect Their Teeth?

MMA fighters and boxers protect their teeth by keeping their jaws tightly closed during the fighting, biting down on their guard, and using the best mouthguards available.   

There are two main techniques used by fighters, boxers, and other combat sports participants to protect their teeth. 

Fight Technique

Most amateur fighters and boxers end up with shattered teeth due to poor fighting techniques. Failure to bite the mouthguard, especially when looking to catch a breath, can lead to the loss of teeth if the opponent delivers a heavy punch. 

Therefore, MMA fighters, boxers, and other participants in disciplines that permit punches and kicks, must be well-trained to dodge and minimize the impact of attacks. This means keeping both the upper and lower jaws locked, especially when close to the opponent. 


The importance of mouthguards in combat sports cannot be overstated. Failure to wear mouthguards properly increases the chances of losing teeth during fights. This explains why professional fighters always strive to get the best mouthguards to absorb assaults and leave the teeth untouched. 

Although mouthguards can be removed in between rounds, it is important to put them back on correctly before kicking off the next round. Most amateur MMA fighters and boxers end up with dental injuries because of fighting without mouthguards. 

Best Mouthguards for MMA Fighters and Boxers 

As established above, mouthguards play a huge role in protecting the teeth of MMA fighters and boxers. 

The best mouthguards for MMA fighters and boxers include:

  • Impact Custom Professional MMA/Boxing/Muay Thai Mouthguard
  • Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard
  • Opro Power-fit Mouthguard
  • GuardLab Apex Mouthguard
  • Under Armour Sport Mouth Guard

Impact Custom Professional MMA/Boxing/Muay Thai Mouthguard 

The Impact Custom Professional Mouthguard from is among the best mouthguards when it comes to comfort. Not only does it have a simplistic design, but it is specifically handcrafted to meet the needs of both amateur and professional fighters. 

The 6-7mm thickness allows for optimal oxygen flow when worn without compromising the guard’s impact absorbance potential. To ensure the mouthguard fits perfectly, the manufacturers will send you a fit kit for you to make your dental impression before sending it back. 


  • Custom-fitted to suit each fighter’s unique dental structure
  • Thick enough to absorb heavy impacts 
  • BPA- free and made in the USA 
  • Available in a variety of colors 
  • Unique internal design allows for optimal oxygen flow 


  • You’ll have to wait for the guard to be crafted based on your dental impression

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard 

Featuring a unique gel-fit liner mechanism, the Shock Doctor’s mold is designed to fit your gums and teeth with little room for error. In addition, the mouth guard is available in a wide variety of colors and boasts several breathing channels for ease of breathing when in use. 

The exoskeletal frame is great at absorbing shock, ensuring your teeth remain safe even after the hardest impacts. The mouthguard is also great at preventing teeth from grinding and keeping the tongue and cheek well protected during a fight. 


  • Made from durable, BPA-free material 
  • Triple-layer design provides extra protection
  • The shock frame keeps the teeth safe despite heavy impact assaults 
  • Highly breathable 
  • Available in different sizes
  • Comes both flavored and unflavored 


  • Some people complain of fitting issues

Opro Power-Fit Mouthguard

Opro has established a solid reputation as one of the best mouthguard manufacturers. Not only is the Opro Power-Fit Mouthguard extra comfortable, but it is also reinforced with a solid, highly durable external shell for enhanced protection. 

You can get the mouthguard in a variety of sizes, making it great for both kids and adults. Moreover, the Opro Power-Fit Mouthguard boasts a uniquely designed inner channel that provides a tight fit while the outer layer ensures the impact from blows is well absorbed.


  • Impressive contouring ability for a tight fit 
  • Durable impact-resistant outer layer 
  • The inner channel is uniquely designed for ease-of-breathing 
  • Comes with an impressive 18-month warranty 


  • Some users can experience gum discomfort
  • Difficult for some users to get Power-Cage molding impression right 

GuardLab Apex Mouthguard

Developed through 3D technology, the GuardLab Apex Mouthguard from is among the most comfortable and durable mouthguards around. Moreover, the quality mouthguard is designed for the upper teeth, making it ideal for impact absorption in contact sports. 

The mouthguard is made from BPA-free, phthalate-free, and latex-free materials, making it a great value for your hard-earned cash. It is also easy to customize as you’ll need to boil and bite to make a great custom fit for your mouth. 


  • The pre-indented outline makes it easier to mold 
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors 
  • Made from quality BPA and phthalate-free materials 
  • Durable 
  • Comfortable on the gum


  • Needs some getting used to when new
  • Incorrect customization can lead to fitting issues

Under Armour Sport Mouth Guard 

Under Armour needs no introduction when it comes to the manufacture of quality sports gear and accessories. The internationally renowned company doesn’t disappoint with its extra comfy mouth guard for contact sports. 

Featuring a gel-fit liner, the Under Armour Sport Mouth Guard is designed to fit easily and form to the gums and teeth of a fighter. It also boasts a unique design (dual-layer) that provides advanced protection and ultimate pressure absorption. 


  • Comes with integrated breathing channels for ease of breathing 
  • Adaptable design makes it highly versatile in terms of fitting 
  • Can be worn for extended periods 
  • Durable 


  •  Doesn’t work too well with braces 

Wrapping Up 

It is important to take the necessary safety precautions when participating in combat sports. Aggressive sports like boxing and MMA can lead to a handful of facial and dental injuries, hence the need to wear safety-enhancing accessories, like mouthguards. 

Although wearing mouthguards is a great way to enhance safety, it is important to put them on correctly to reduce the chances of losing teeth or sustaining serious jaw injuries. 


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