How Much Do Wrestling Mats Cost? We Found Out

A wrestling mat is probably the only piece of equipment you’ll need to practice wrestling, MMA, judo, jiu-jitsu, or any other combat sport you’re into. Before you buy yourself a mat, it’s worth taking a look at the prices across different types of wrestling mats so you can pick one that suits your budget.

How Much Do Wrestling Mats Cost?

On average, a 42′ x 42′ (official regulation size) will cost you between $6800 and $8000, with the price varying depending on the manufacturer and the materials used.

In this article, I will describe the different kinds of wrestling mats you can purchase and provide a table comparing the prices of each one.

Price Comparison of Wrestling Mats

There are three types of wrestling mats you can buy in the market, each with its specific use and price range.

Classic Mats

Classic wrestling mats are the most popular and are used for both training and in competitions. Schools and colleges often purchase these, and they come with thick padding for protection against all types of wrestling maneuvers.

Classic mats are often two-sided, and most institutions use one side for regular training and flip the mat over during competitions.

Lightweight Mats

Lightweight mats are meant primarily for home-training sessions and private tournaments or friendly competitions. These mats are predominantly designed for portability and easy storage. They can be rolled up, transported quickly, and set up in a new place within minutes. 

Another advantage of getting a lightweight mat is that you have more freedom in customizing the size and thickness according to your specifications.

Competition Mats

While classic mats are used for competition, they are not the same thickness or size as the mats allowed by the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association).

Competition mats have a standard thickness of 1-⅝″ and are used only for competitions as it would be expensive to invest in one just for practice. Most high school, college, and even professional wrestling use this type of mat.

Mat TypeKey FeaturesPrice (for the approximate size of 10 x 10)
Classic Mat Used for training and competitions.Thicker padding offers extra protection during bouts.Generally two-sided mats.Starts at $500
Lightweight MatMeant for training at home.Designed for portability, storage, and easy setup.Can be customized in most cases.Starts at $600
Competition MatUsed only for competition bouts. Standard regulation size in terms of diameter and thickness.Starts at $800(However, most competition mats are only available in larger sizes so the price tends to be more)

This table provides an approximate cost of different wrestling mats roughly 10′ x 10′ in size. While each type of wrestling mat comes with its price tag, the cost will slightly vary based on the thickness, installation costs, and printing charges for any specific designs you want on the mat.

How Big Is a Full-Sized Wrestling Mat?

The size of the practice and home-training wrestling mats will differ based on your specifications and requirements. 

As per NCAA regulations, competition wrestling mats are required to be 42′ x 42′ with a wrestling circle not more than 32′ in diameter inside the mat.

How Much Does a Wrestling Mat Weigh?

The weight of the wrestling mat will depend on the manufacturer, the materials used, and the thickness of the mat. 

Today, a standard 42′ x 42′ wrestling mat will weigh between 700 lbs (317.5 kg) and 800 lbs (362.9 kg). Older versions were much heavier, weighing in at nearly 2000 lbs (907.2 kg) for a 42′ x 42′ mat.

The lower weight makes these new wrestling mats portable and easy to set up wherever necessary.

How Long Do Wrestling Mats Last?

Vinyl-coated wrestling mats experience shrinkage over their lifetime, and most manufacturers take this into account during production by making the mats slightly larger than the desired size.

There is no specific period for the longevity or durability of a wrestling mat. How long a wrestling mat lasts will depend on the frequency of use, storage conditions, and maintenance.

Once you get the wrestling mat, it will most likely shrink by 2% – 3% more in the next 12 months and will stop shrinking after. 

  • You must periodically inspect your mat for cracks or foam depressions and rectify issues, as this will help prolong the life of your wrestling mat. 
  • When storing the mat, try laying it out flat, as this will prevent snags and wrinkles on the mat surface. If you need to roll it up, avoid using ropes, wires, or chains to hold the mat together. 
  • While rolling the mat, alternate rolling from either side each time you’re putting the mat away.

These tips will help you preserve your mat and ensure it can be used for a long time.

Where To Get a Wrestling Mat?

Now that you have an idea of the kind of mats out there and the price range of each type, here are a few websites to purchase your next wrestling mat.

  • MatsMatsMats – This website specializes in lightweight wrestling mats with some of the most remarkable digital prints you’ll come across.
  • Resilite – Resilite possesses one of the most extensive collections of wrestling mats out there. You can get yourself classic, lightweight, and competition mats of various sizes.
  • Rubber Flooring Inc – Rubber Flooring isn’t a sports supplies company. Still, they’ve got a separate section on their website dedicated to soft flooring, where you can find a variety of competition wrestling mats and accessories.
  • AK Athletic Equipment – This website focuses exclusively on floor and padding for outdoor and indoor wrestling bouts. They have an extensive collection of lightweight, roll-up mats that can be easily transported and set up.

The cost of a wrestling mat will vary based on the size and type you’re looking for. 

It’s best to identify your specific needs before investing in a mat. Are you looking for equipment that you can set up at home? Or do you want to invest in a mat that will take a permanent spot at a gym or athletic institution you run?

Determining your needs can help you narrow down on the right mat and give you an idea of the budget you’ll need to set aside for the investment.

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