How Much Do Wrestling Classes Cost? More Than You Thought

Wrestling is a fun sport that requires special skills for safe and effective fights. Whether your goal is to become a professional wrestler or just do it for fun, you would want to have professional training because, after all, it’s a hazardous combat sport. But how much are you expected to pay for wrestling classes?

How Much Do Wrestling Classes Cost?

Professional wrestling classes cost between $2,000 and $4,000 on average for a yearly tuition fee, excluding the introduction class and potential administrative fees. However, many schools offer a discount rate if you pay a lump sum or have previous wrestling experience.

If you can’t afford to pay everything up front, most academies will allow you to pay a weekly or monthly membership, but it’ll cost a bit extra. Keep reading to learn what age is ideal for wrestling, how much private classes cost, and how to find wrestling classes in your area.

Where Can You Find Wrestling Classes?

You can find wrestling classes online by searching for “Wrestling classes near me” in a search engine. All major wrestling classes from your local area will appear on a map, and you can learn more about the school by going to their official website.

Do proper research on wrestling classes near you before choosing the one you like. It’ll be in your best interest to select a school run by professionals. Since you’ll be paying a load of money for the classes, you might also get what you pay for.

If you are already hitting your local gym, perhaps somebody was or still is a wrestler. If you like chatting with people in the gym, you might want to ask them if they know any excellent wrestling clubs.

How To Tell if a Wrestling School Is Reputable?

A reputable wrestling school typically has many positive reviews on Google reviews and the school’s official Facebook page. You also will wan to look into the coach’s background. But ultimately it’s best to ask someone who has been wrestling in the school for some time.

Granted, this is much easier to do if you’re an extrovert who doesn’t mind talking to people and if the school is close to you. But then again, you wouldn’t go to a wrestling school that’s an hour’s drive away from your home anyway.

Another good indicator of a good wrestling class is the cost. If it costs less than $1500, it’s wise to skip it and find a better, more expensive one.

How Much Do Private Wrestling Lessons Cost?

On average, private wrestling lessons cost between $30 and $120 per 1-hour session. The cost largely depends on the experience and knowledge that the coach has as well as your age. The price is lower if one or two wrestlers join the private lesson.

Just like with any other sport, you’ll have to pay for private wrestling lessons if you want to learn how to do a proper takedown and grappling hold to defeat your opponent. Think of it as an investment because it’s usually worth the cost.

If you’re a beginner, you can learn a lot from almost any wrestling coach, so a $40 session is what you can expect to pay. Of course, bringing a friend to the lesson will save you a lot of money, but you’ll learn slightly less.

When Is a Good Age To Begin Wrestling?

A good age to begin wrestling is 12 years old, typically before puberty. According to a study about early sports specialization in wrestlers, children that start wrestling before puberty sustain more severe injuries than those who start wrestling later.

Beginning wrestling while still young is great because it allows you or your child to learn the basics of the sport and become an elite wrestler at a younger age.

Many wrestlers will say that your six-year-old is perfectly capable of becoming a wrestler, but this can’t be true.

A study about sports specialization explains that it’s risky for children to engage in sports specialization at a young age. There are higher rates of injury, increased psychological stress, and eventually, children quitting the sport.

So, even if your son has a dream to join the WWE when he grows up, signing him up to your local wrestling school before puberty is a significant risk. Instead of risky contact sports, consider sports with fewer injuries, such as soccer.

Can You Be Too Old To Learn?

You can’t be too old to learn wrestling as long as you’re in good health and don’t have chronic muscle and bone illnesses. Several professional wrestlers have started wrestling in their 30s and even 40s, so you can’t be too old.

Still, it’s a good idea to wear some protective gear when wrestling, such as Cliff Keen Headgear (available on This piece of headgear is specially designed for wrestling, meaning that it’s lightweight and won’t cause friction against the mat.

There are several weight classes in wrestling, so you won’t have to fight someone physically larger than you. Likewise, a 15-year-old who has just started wrestling won’t have to face an adult just because both of them are beginners.

If you have the motivation and got what it takes to become an amateur or professional wrestler, I’ll just say go for it!

Wrestling has numerous health benefits and provides you with the opportunity for a full-body workout. Not to mention that it’s going to increase your endurance and improve your cardiovascular health.

Wrestling is a fun and competitive sport, but it can be costly. For beginners, the tuition fee and cost of additional private classes to further improve wrestling skills is expensive.

Nonetheless, you can pay in lump sum, share private lessons with others, or do both to lessen the total cost.

Good thing, you can never be too old to start wrestling as long as you’re in good health and reasonably athletic.

But you can be too young to begin. Children below the age of 12 shouldn’t start wrestling because of the high risk of injury and psychological stress.


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