Do MMA Fighters Shave Their Body Hair?

The sight of hairy fighters is a rare one, with most professional and amateur fighters preferring to have as little hair as possible. MMA fighters are no different, and most rarely have body hair, which leads to the question – do MMA fighters shave their body hair? 

Do MMA Fighters Shave Their Body Hair?

MMA fighters shave their body hair to prevent hair from interfering with injuries and minimize discomfort when removing bandages. Some shave their bodies to reduce hair pulling and stinging when receiving deep-tissue massages, while others do it to make their skin slicker as a fighting advantage. 

Read on to learn more about why MMA fighters shave their body hair, and for recommendations on the best blades guaranteed to make body shaving a ‘smooth’ process. 

Why Do MMA Fighters Shave Their Bodies?

While there are some fighters that don’t shave, many do to gain an advantage over their opponent. 

Most MMA fighters shave their bodies to prevent hair from interfering with their wounds, avoid hair pulling during deep-tissue massages, enhance body slickness, and reduce contact-related pain.

Now, let’s delve deeper into each of these reasons. 

To Prevent Hair from Interfering With Wounds  

MMA is equally a recovery sport as it is a combat, ring-based sport. Therefore, some fighters prefer to shave to ensure there’s no hair in the injured areas.

For instance, athletes are likely to experience additional pain if bandages are removed in wounds with hairs. Similarly, it will be a lot harder (and more painful) to clean wounds with hairs. 

To Avoid Hair Pulling During Deep-Tissue Massages

Deep tissue massage is a commonly used technique in the fighting world. The massage is preferred by therapists due to its ability to calm nerves and boost muscle recovery time. 

However, since deep tissue massages are characterized by their slow, extra deep strokes (to target inner muscles), MMA fighters might experience hugely uncomfortable stings if they have hairs on their skin.  

To Enhance Body Slickness

Another common reason why MMA fighters shave is to increase slickness during fights. Fighters with hair on their chests, arms, and legs are likely to be easier targets for grapples and submission moves.

By shaving body hairs, MMA fighters become more slippery in the course of the games as they become sweatier. This can be an added advantage in closely contested games, which explains why most professional athletes prefer to shave. 

As a contact sport, it is inevitable that a fighter will be on the defensive at some point, especially when grappled. Shaving body hair ensures that overall pain is reduced when there’s bodily contact with the opponent. 

While this doesn’t count for much, it can still make a huge difference, more so when looking to maximize the tiniest advantages in huge matches. 

Why Do MMA Fighters Shave Their Heads? 

MMA fighters shave their heads to enhance vision and reduce the chances of hair getting in the way during fights. MMA fighters with hair usually find it harder to get out of neck holds, which increases the chances of defeat. 

Other fighters claim that shaving makes them feel lighter and faster during fights. Either way, there is no proven scientific reason for shaving, but the reduced hairs can give fighters the psychological boost needed to dominate closely contested fights. 

Best Blades for a Full Body Shave

Now that you know why MMA fighters shave their bodies, you might be wondering how they’re able to achieve the clean-shaven effect without irritating their skin. Most MMA fighters achieve smooth, slick skin by using high-quality blades that safely remove the hair and add moisture to the skin’s surface.

The best blades for a full body shave include the following products from

Philips Norelco OneBlade Electric Trimmer and Shaver

The Philips Norelco OneBlade Electric Trimmer and Shaver is widely used by both amateur and professional fighters due to its ability to trim and shave hairs of different lengths. The blade features the OneBlade technology that allows the cutter to move up to 200x per second. 


  • Features a dual protection system that enhances both comfort and efficiency during shaves 
  • Can be used in the shower, with (without foam), wet or even dry 
  • Comes with two blades for the face and body 
  • Package also features four combs for trimming stubble and a skin guard for enhanced protection
  • Uses a rechargeable battery that can shave for over 60 minutes continuously


  • The battery tends to get weaker with time, hence the need for several replacements 
  • Not ideal for fast shaving 

Telfun Body Trimmer for Men With Replaceable Blade Heads

This high-quality body trimmer by Telfun is among the easiest to use and is ideal for athletes who prefer full-body shaves. The cordless trimmer allows you to shave, trim and style different body parts from shoulders, legs, chests, underarms, groin, and stomach. 


  • Comes with a guide comb (adjustable) that allows for the cutting of long and short body hair
  • The head cutter is easily washable, making it easier to maintain grooming hygiene
  • Strong and durable 
  • Features a micro shaver for thorough shaves
  • Waterproof and cordless
  • Rechargeable and features sharp blades and a strong battery


  • Doesn’t come with a product case 
  • The groin trimmer can lead to injury if improperly used 

Philips Body Groom With Skin Protector Guards 

Not too many full-body shaving blades compare to the Philips Body Groom when it comes to precision and shaving safety. This bad boy shaver can trim in different directions using its quality 3 mm (0.11 in) comb. The skin protection mechanism makes the blade among the safest for both first-time and experienced shavers. 


  • Waterproof 
  • Allows for close trimming (0.5 mm or 0.02 in)
  • Bi-directional, high-quality trimmer 
  • Features a unique skin protection system 
  • Battery-powered and easy to use


  • Not the fastest shaver 

Bakblade Ergonomic Body Shaver

The Bakblade Ergonomic Body Shaver is easy to use and features Dryglide cartridges that can be used for Bakblade’s back and body shavers. The body shaver also comes with a precision blade that allows you to shave sensitive areas with relative ease. 


  • Needs no batteries 
  • Comes with a precision blade for increased efficiency when shaving tight spaces 
  • Features an easy-grip handle 
  • The unique blade cartridges allow for clean and neat shaves


  • Might need some getting used to, especially for first-time users 
  • Extra care needed when shaving hard-to-reach areas

Wrapping Up

MMA fighters prefer shaving their bodies to gain advantages both during fights and when recovering after matches or training sessions. It is a lot easier for fighters to escape grapples or submission holds without hair than when with chest, leg, and arm hairs. 

Besides enhancing slickness, MMA fighters also prefer shaving to reduce the overall pain during deep tissue massage sessions. Moreover, some fighters just want to enhance their muscle appearance and will do so by shaving every inch of hair on their bodies. 

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