Can You Use Boxing Shoes for Wrestling?

Boxing and wrestling are often seen as very similar disciplines. Whether you’re transitioning from boxing to wrestling or just happen to own a pair of boxing shoes, you may be wondering if you can use boxing shoes for wrestling. 

Can You Use Boxing Shoes for Wrestling?

You can wear boxing shoes for wrestling. That’s because boxing shoes have a similar design to wrestling shoes, form-fitting and relatively lightweight. Like wrestling shoes, boxing shoes are flexible enough to ensure fighters are comfortable and agile in the ring.

Keep reading as I explore reasons you can wear boxing shoes for wrestling and how the two shoe types differ from one another.

Is It Okay To Wear Boxing Shoes for Wrestling?

It is okay to wear boxing shoes for wrestling because they have a similar design for both disciplines. Both styles of shoes are form-fitting and relatively lightweight, allowing fighters to be as fast and agile as their discipline requires. 

Boxing shoes are made to cover and protect ankles, and many wrestling shoes are made the same way. Although it is more important for boxers to protect their ankles, wrestlers will not be inconvenienced by the height of boxing shoes.

It is good for beginner wrestlers to have shoes similar to boxing shoes that protect their ankles as they are learning their footwork. 

Both types of shoes offer much-needed tread for fighters to keep their footing. Though it is worth noting that the tread may differ between the styles, the tread is important for both disciplines, and it makes boxing shoes very useful for wrestlers. 

Wrestling and boxing shoes both offer little sole support. They are designed this way to give fighters flexible movement. So, boxing shoes are fine for wrestlers to use because they offer the same amount of support. 

While boxing shoes are great for boxing and wrestling, it’s important to choose your boxing shoes wisely because poor-quality shoes may not give you enough protection from injuries.

High-quality boxing shoes help prevent straining your feet during extended periods of training or fighting. They also reduce the risk of falling that can lead to cuts and bruises.

What Is the Difference Between Boxing Shoes and Wrestling Shoes?

Boxing and wrestling shoes are different in terms of their soles, flexibility, and ankle protection. Wrestling shoes are great for most movement styles, but boxing shoes focus more on specific moves, such as when a boxer moves forward and backward quickly to avoid and execute hits.

Wrestling shoes tend to focus on the foot’s flexibility and ability to move in every direction comfortably without the shoe getting in the way. This is not the same for boxing shoes, as they focus more on linear front and back movements. Boxing shoes do not allow as much freedom of movement. 

Boxing shoes are tall to help protect the ankle, and some wrestling shoes are the same way. However, some wrestlers prefer more freedom with their ankle movement and choose shoes that are cut lower than boxing shoes. 

Best Shoes for Wrestling and Boxing?

The best shoes for both boxing and wrestling are boxing shoes because wrestling shoes may not offer all the protection needed for boxing. Though boxing shoes may over-protect a wrestler’s foot, it is better to have more protection than less. 

If you are looking for shoes that you can wear for wrestling and boxing, then boxing shoes are the way to go. Wrestling shoes are great for the fast-paced discipline, but they don’t offer much protection for boxers. 

The high-top style of boxing shoes ensures that the fighter’s ankles are secure. It is easy to roll your ankle in boxing, and wrestling shoes may not help because wrestlers need more flexibility.

So, boxing shoes offer more protection that can save your ankles and prolong your career. 

Boxing shoes can often be made with specifications that would make them a better wrestling shoe. For example, there are boxing shoes with all-around traction that wrestling shoes offer rather than the ordinary forward and backward traction. 

It is much more difficult for wrestling shoes to become boxing shoes due to the sheer difference in foot flexibility options. Wrestlers move from all angles, and their shoes reflect that by allowing a generous amount of movement. This is not ideal for boxing because of the possibility of missteps and injuries. 

Can You Put Wrestling Shoes in the Washer?

You can put wrestling shoes in the washer, but this may not be suitable for all types of wrestling shoes. If you aren’t comfortable putting your shoes in the washer, there are plenty of other ways to keep them clean. Washing your shoes by hand is a good option.

Most wrestling shoes are fine to put in the washing machine as long as they are relatively tough. If your wrestling shoe can be used as a lifting shoe, then you’re good to go. If not, then you may want to consider another option just to be safe. 

It may be easier to focus your cleaning on the insoles of your wrestling shoes because they are often removable. If they are, you can remove them and wash them by hand with soap or soak them in a vinegar mixture to help get rid of any odor. 

If the insoles can’t be removed, then hand-washing with soap is the safest way to ensure your wrestling shoes get clean without risking any damage.

Getting rid of odor and scuff marks can be difficult if your shoes can’t be washed. One of the best ways to combat this is to soak or scrub your shoes with baking soda. While it will not harm them, it will deodorize them and remove unwanted marks. 

Boxing shoes can transition very easily to wrestling shoes. While there are a few things that wrestling shoes can offer that they can’t, a wrestler will be in no danger using boxing shoes. 

The same can’t be said for wrestling shoes being used for boxing, but wrestlers will find plenty of form-fitting support that can help them stay light on their feet throughout a match.

If you are looking to get into both wrestling and boxing, seek out a pair of boxing shoes that can safely get you through both disciplines.

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