Can UFC Fighters Bet On Themselves?

UFC fighting is a sport that draws in a lot of competitive betting. Typically, money falls on the person who fans believe will win the match. Spectators then can root on the fighter that they have placed money with. This gamble brings to light an important question: can UFC fighters bet on themselves?

Can UFC Fighters Bet on Themselves?

UFC fighters are allowed to bet on themselves in a fight. They can take home earnings from this if they end up winning. There are some restrictions, however. A UFC fighter cannot bet on their opponents to ensure that they still give their all in a match.

Read on to learn more about the specifications for a UFC fighter betting on themselves. You will also learn about how you might become involved in the betting process that this sport thrives in and the best places to bet on UFC fights. 

What Are the Rules for UFC Fighters Betting on Themselves?

There are some critical rules and regulations that go into UFC fighters betting on themselves. Three that stand above the rest include the requirement that the UFC does not face threats, that the fighter cannot bet against themselves, and that the contestant must behave.

Each of these rules is important for a fighter to abide by if they choose to bet on themselves. Since it is such a hotly debated topic, these set the boundaries for what must be followed in this situation. 

If a UFC fighter could bet against the other fighter, then this would incentivize going into a fight with a losing mentality, which would make for a disappointing fight to watch.

Similarly, the fighter cannot threaten the UFC for losing bets and is not justified in doing so, since fighters can only bet on themselves. 

What Does the UFC Threat Rule Mean?

If a player makes a bet on themselves that seems dishonest, it is a threat to the integrity of the sport as a whole. This move could hurt the UFC. A player’s bet must be honest and fair to keep this ability around.

A player will not be permitted to bet on a fight if the nature of the bet:

  • Threatens to damage the UFC’s reputation
  • Would cost the organization any form of money in damages

Providing players with the ability to bet on their matches is shaky ground. There have been several instances in which cheating occurred. Because of this, the UFC must protect itself. Any bet from players that could cause harm to the organizations from the inside will not be tolerated.

Why Can Players Not Bet Against Themselves?

Players cannot bet against themselves because there is a risk that they will throw the game. To win any money placed would mean that they could lose on purpose and walk away with cash. This action is a form of intricate cheating that the UFC avoids.

If a player bets against themselves, they can add specifications to the match that would increase the value of the gamble. This move could include:

  • Losing in a designated match
  • Losing in a set amount of time
  • Losing to a certain move

All of these can happen if a player would like to earn money on a bet. This risk is why the organization disproves these types of bets. Rather than encouraging cheating, allowing players to only gamble on themselves pushed an even more intense match.

What Does It Mean for a Fighter to Behave?

The UFC holds itself in a specific light. For a fighter to bet on themselves, they must carry themselves at a certain level of integrity and standard. They are in a professional sport and thus must have the charisma of a professional athlete.

Those who earn the honor of fighting in the UFC must adhere to a certain standard. Working in the UFC is a form of professional fighting. A fighter who is placing bets on themselves in a UFC ring must:

  • Present themselves in a professional manner
  • Avoid foul play inside of the ring
  • Fight in a manner that is of the standard that UFC requires

If they meet these standards, the fighter does not serve as a danger to the UFC’S reputation. They can then place bets on themselves and fight without issue.

Can You Bet on UFC Fights?

Anyone that is a part of the United States of America is permitted to bet on UFC fights. It can happen online or in person, as many businesses have emerged that rely on betting.

If you are a fan of the UFC, you can bet on a fight. There are locations both online and in-person that provide quality ways for ordinary people to give their money. While there are certain limitations, a fan does not need to worry about the legality of this method of earning money.

Does DraftKings Have UFC?

DraftKings has UFC as an option on its site. Users can make bets and earn money as they watch their chosen fighters battle it out in real-time. DraftKings is a way to become more involved in a UFC fight than the average individual who supports the competition.

DraftKings and UFC only recently came to a deal with each other. This was a result of a long period of negotiation that finally settled a little while ago. Now, this site serves as the UFC’s:

  • Fantasy sports team partner
  • Sportsbook, providing a safe and reliable place for fans to place bets
  • Broadcaster, showing live matches as they happen in real-time
  • Promoter, showing various advertisements for popular matches and even presenting games for fans to play

Essentially, this company has taken the UFC and integrated much of it into its operating system. It provides a way to bet while also playing games. Draftkings allows viewership of the competition while also pushing promotions and daily deals. It is a unique and powerful partnership.

DraftKings will continue to evolve and grow with the UFC as their partnerships develop. With all that they currently have, it will be exciting to see what this pairing holds next for the world of professional fighting.

Where is the Best Place to Bet on UFC Fights?

The best place to bet on UFC fights is online. The internet provides many legal betting sites that are much easier to access than anything in person. The average individual can go onto a trusted site and place a bet anytime they would like to when a match is about to happen.

The best sites online are those that have been confirmed to be trusted sources. Many hours of research have gone into ensuring the best sites across the web. Some of these include:

  • Bet US
  • My Bookie
  • Bovada Sports
  • Bet Online

These websites provide information about betting on UFC. They also serve as an option for spectators to place their money on a fighter. Should they be correct, the cash dispenses as the better deserves.

It is crucial to be careful with any site that deals with betting. Many are not honest or legal and will not hesitate to steal your funds. Ensure that you do your research before putting your investments into anything that exists online.


UFC fighting is a highly competitive sport that holds many fans. With this comes the popular side competition that is betting. Anyone from UFC fighters to viewers in their living rooms can bet on the winner.

Though there are limits that exist, the world of UFC betting is open for anyone to reach. From in-person to online, anyone can select who they think will win and enjoy the fun. This observation might be from the boxing ring or on a sofa in the middle of Delaware. 

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