Muay Thai Headgear Buyers Guide

Deciding what headgear to get for Muay Thai is important as you need to balance protection with visibility. Do you train Muay Thai/Boxing and MMA? As you need a different head guard for MMA and Muay Thai/Boxing..

After considering various types of Muay Thai headgear I’ve decided to go with Fairtex Super Sparring(amazon link). They are made of leather in Thailand and provide a lot of protection whilst sparring and make you look stylish whilst doing so. Fairtex is known for making excellent long-lasting gear and this head guard is no different.

What to remember from this article is don’t save money by buying cheap headgear, as whilst they might offer the protection they will be super chunky and will reduce your visibility and be uncomfortable to wear

If you’re on a budget remember you don’t need to buy headgear if you spar technical, but a good budget gear is the Title classic face protector(amazon), it’s nearly half the price as the Fairtex head guard and is super light whilst offering good protection.

For MMA the Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear is an excellent choice. The French company has been making MMA gear since 2006 and this headgear gives you excellent 180-degree protection with security and comfort from strikes

Muay Thai Headgear What To Look For

  • Comfort and feel. The perfect fit is feeling snug but without being too tight, you don’t want to notice the headgear whilst sparring. The chin strap should be comfortable whilst being snug and not too lose
  • Protection.  The majority of headgear will cover your forehead cheeks, chin, and the back and sides of the head, will different levels of protection. Visibility is more important than protection as seeing the punches is the best defense to avoid them.
  • Visibility.  A good headgear must have good visibility, the more punches you don’t see the more you get hit and the more damage you will end up taking; you need to see the punches and kicks coming from different angles. The cheek and forehead protection determine how much visibility you have, prioritize good visibility trust me.
  • Weight & Size. With Boxing you want headgear that doesn’t affect your mobility regarding slipping punches and maintaining good footwork. If you get a super chunky headgear you could end up taking more damage as your getting hit more. Look at the specific reviews to find the perfect balance between protection, visibility price, and size.
  • Quality & Price. Unlike other Muay Thai gear, you will see tons of different handguards available, if you value your health just like with hand wraps(gear page) and mouthguard(gear page) make sure to buy the right product as your protecting your brain. However, unlike with Thai pads Boxing brands like Everlast and Title have been making good kickboxing headgear for a long time.
  • Muay Thai/MMA/Boxing Headgear? The big difference between Boxing and Thai boxing headgear is the latter is not as thick because of the clinch, with Boxing headgear offering more protection. With MMA you must have a headgear that protects you from all sides and allows you to roll with them. Generally, if you do MMA and Muay Thai/Boxing buy one headgear for MMA and another for Boxing/Thai

How To Select The Right Headgear

Finding the right fitting headgear is difficult as everyone’s head-shape is different, and finding the ideal balance between comfort, price, and visuality is difficult. Although this video by Phoenix Combat Sports should put you in the right direction.

Recommend Products

Fairtex Sparring Headgear(Best Overall Headgear)(Amazon Link)

Title Boxing Classic Coverage Headgear 2.0(Best Budget Headgear)(Amazon Link)

Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear(Best MMA Headgear)(Amazon Link)